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Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Aspen Analytics provides experienced underwriters and consultants to add skills or scale up your existing team without the complications of a full time hire.

Services include loan and property underwriting, development draws, site inspections, Excel models, formula audits, comps, feasibility studies, portfolio reporting, data visualization, partnership waterfalls and offering materials.

We exclusively service the commercial real estate industry. Our consultants were trained by private equity funds, Wall Street, operators and blue chip banks. Aspen can help you underwrite one retail center at an hourly rate, support you full time for six months on retainer, and anywhere in between.


Add New Skills or Scale Up

No “Employee” Complications

Match Overhead with Deal Flow


Allocate Costs Directly to a Deal

Pricing Hourly or on Retainer

No Water Cooler Loss Factor


Excel Model Audits

Institutional Training and Ethics

Encrypted Data Room

Aspen Consultants were Trained by:

Client Feedback

Private Equity Client - Portfolio Reporting Setup

“Aspen is a very strong resource when it comes to business analysis, executive-level presentation, strategic consulting, project management, and creation of Excel models. Aspen experts are a fast study, optimistic, value-driven, and tireless.”

Community Bank - M&A Valuation

“Aspen was part of my team during the valuation of community bank assets for a potential takeover. This project had an incredibly tight timeline and an element of confidentiality due to a competitive bidding situation and the bank’s human capital concern. Aspen’s incredible efficiency at underwriting, investigative research and due diligence helped us complete the assignment on time and under budget, resulting in additional projects. The presentation of valuation conclusions was extremely well thought out and delivered. Aspen is extremely adept at handling client-facing situations.”

Private Equity Client - Distressed Loan Pool Valuation

“Aspen’s untiring work ethic and attention to detail ensure that any assignment gets done on time with stellar results. Additionally, Aspen’s creative demeanor lends to out-of-the box approaches.”

Rating Agency Client - CMBS Securitization

“In a contractor capacity for us over the past year, Aspen experts have underwritten numerous large loans, performed many site inspections and written up corresponding reports on findings for us. Aspen has shown strong proficiency at underwriting a wide variety of property types and has consistently delivered a high work product. Aspen’s attention to detail and professionalism when presenting a new loan, coupled with ability to clearly identify and communicate a loan’s strengths and weaknesses ultimately made them an integral part of our team.”

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