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Commercial Real Estate Consulting

In 2021 we completed a record number of assignments!

Properties Underwritten
Appraised Value
Site Inspections

Experienced commercial real estate underwriters and consultants.

Add skills or scale up your team without the commitment of a full time hire.

JV Waterfall and Partnership Modeling

  • Translate Agreement into Excel
  • Equity Split Sensitivity Matrix
  • Add Waterfall to Acquisition Model

Deal Sourcing and Advisory

  • 15yrs of National Broker Relationships
  • Properties and Non-Performing Loans
  • Pipeline Management and Reporting

Offering Memo and PPM

  • Create Templates from Scratch
  • Re-Package of Received Materials
  • Slide Decks for Fundraising

Single Property Underwriting

  • Loan Origination
  • Acquisition or Development
  • As-Is and As-Renovated Comparison
  • Broker Opinion of Value

Bulk Underwriting of Properties and Loans

  • Portfolio Acquisition
  • Corporate Real Assets Valuation
  • CMBS Securitization Re-Underwriting
  • Quarterly Fair Market Value Update

Site Inspections and Market Coverage

  • Acquisition Diligence
  • CMBS Representative Sampling
  • Annual Portfolio Management Review
  • B-Piece Buyer In-Depth Analysis

Excel Models

  • Build from Scratch
  • Existing Model Feature Enhancement
  • Audit and Formula Verification

Comps Research

  • Transaction Support
  • Confirmation with Market Participants
  • In-Depth Feasibility Research

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Portfolio Roll-Up
  • Geographic and Tenant Risk Analysis
  • Data Visualization and Mapping

Underwriting Volume

Deal flow gives Aspen the latest benchmarks.

Aspen Projects in 2021

Diverse Clients

Diversity gives Aspen fresh ideas.

  • PE
  • Agency
  • Lender
  • Family Ofc
  • Corporate

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